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Root Canal


The “root canal” is actually a part of the anatomy of your tooth. It houses the pulp of your tooth as well as the nerve. Sometimes, usually because of trauma or decay, the root canal can become damaged and infected. This leads to extreme pain and can cause serious damage to the inside of your tooth.

Root canal therapy removes the infected matter from the inside of your tooth and then sterilizes and seals the inside of the tooth to prevent reinfection. Dr. Madsen begins the process by numbing you so that you won’t feel a thing, then he makes a small hole in your tooth. Using specialized tools, he carefully cleans out the inside of the tooth.

After your tooth is sealed and the root canal is complete, Dr. Madsen may recommend a crown for the tooth. Because the nerve must be removed, the tooth can become brittle and more fragile. A crown helps to protect the tooth and restore full function.