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Crowns and Bridges


Crowns and bridges are both restorations used to improve the health and appearance of your smile, but they do so in different ways. Essentially, a crown is sort of a “sleeve” that is designed to fit over the top of a damaged tooth while a bridge is an artificial tooth that fits in the space left by a missing tooth.

Both crowns and bridges can be designed to look incredibly lifelike, and once they are in place, it is typically very difficult to tell them apart from the real thing. Both are created to our exact specifications by a dental lab that we trust.

A crown is bonded in place directly over the tooth. It can be used to fix a tooth that has broken or cracked, conceal severe discoloration, or strengthen a tooth that has been weakened by decay or infection. Bridges are held in place by crowns affixed to the adjacent teeth (or dental implants). Both crowns and bridges are often covered by dental plans, making them a popular restoration option for patients.